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Plush Pet Spa is accepting clients 25 pounds and under.

No weight limit for Pawdicures. 


Appointments need to be scheduled on a 6 week or less, reoccurring basis.  This ensures your pet will maintain a healthy coat, as well as making sure you have a future spot on the schedule.  


Mobile pet grooming appointments fill up fast, especially when customer service and pampering pets are a high priority!


We proudly use the finest products combined with our luxury bathing system, giving your pet the absolute best bath experience available! Your pet will receive its first bath using a high end shampoo that is equal to the coats needs and conditioner treatment leaving your pet feeling "soft and luxurious"! 

We use a clipper vac system to ensure blades stay cool (no clipper burn) 


We do not use any cologne as so many pets and humans have reactions 


We do not allow fleas! Please purchase Capstar prior to grooming appointment and administer to your pet 24 hours before appointment time.  

We love to care for your pet, however brushing is part of the pet owners responsibility. Matted pets will usually be shaved down and owners are encouraged to book every 4-6 week appointments.  Failure to do so will result in extra charges.



BATH Service


Luxury Bath using the finest shampoo & conditioner, basic brush out, blowout, nail clipped / Filed, ears cleaned & hair removed (if applicable breed),  eyes refreshed, face/feet and sanitary trim.

cut& style


Cut & Style includes the Full Bath plus body shaved/styled 

*Doodles (under 25lbs)

start at $140

*Price is dependant on breed, size, type of coat, as well as the condition of coat


bath |                     $100

lion cut |                $125

sunflower cut |      $125

Cuts include the Full Bath using cat friendly shampoo.

Memberships available!

Keep your pet maintained plus get priority booking!! Text for more information!

Pawdicures $35 - includes nails cut and filed as well as pads trimmed NO WEIGHT LIMIT.

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