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We proudly use LesPooch products.

We use a clipper vac system to ensure blades stay cool (no clipper burn)

We do not use any cologne as so many pets (and humans have reactions)  

All pets leave with a professionally made bandana   


small |               $70

medium |         $80

large |               $90

extra large |     $110

Baths include shampoo, conditioner, basic brush out, blowout, nail clipping, ears cleaned, eyes refreshed

bang trim |        +$5

paw trim |          +$5

muzzle trim |     +$5

sanitary trim |    +$5

dematting |      +$60

cut& style

small |               $80

medium |         $90

large |               $110

extra large |     $120

Doodles are staring at $110 no matter what size.

Cut & Style includes the Full Bath

Price is dependant on breed, size, type of coat, as well as the condition of coat

add on

bright white shampoo|     +$5

blueberry facial |               +$5

mud bath |                         +$5

teeth gel |                          +$5

furminator |                        +20


bath |                     $85

lion cut |                $95

sunflower cut |      $95

Cut & Style includes the Full Bath

Price is dependent on breed, type of coat, as well as the condition of coat

Please note, we have limited availability.  I book my current clients for the year starting in January.  Once the calendar has been finalized it will be open to new clients.  Please be aware that I have a full time position as a pet stylist, if I am not working, I am taking care of my family, or enjoying time off when I get a chance.  I have  created a website with pricing, FAQ, along with providing an online booking system so that clients can have all questions answered.  My smart booking system looks at a client's address and will find an open appointment if available.  If I am in your area and have an open appointment it will provide you with a date/time.  Nothing available or not soon enough?  Please add your name to the waiting list.  I refer to the waiting list when I have an opening.  You are welcome to call and leave a message, however if I could answer every call on a daily basis I would be a full time receptionist! I provide the website and online booking to take care of future clients as best I can.

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